The Heels of Headwaters at Shoe Kat Shoo in Orangeville

85 Broadway, Orangeville, Ontario • 519-942-1176

The Heels of Headwaters at Shoe Kat Shoo in Orangeville

"The Heels of Headwaters"
Celebrating personal style you will love and others notice

I do NOT have 3,000 pairs of shoes. I have 1,060.

Imelda Marcos
The Shoe Kat in the midst of her goods

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My mission is to present unique, fabulous looking pieces
you will want to wear again and again!
Over time offerings have expanded
from footwear and accessories
to include interesting clothing, too; natural fibres from quality makers
with clever tailoring and engaging eclectic styles.

SHOE KAT LOVE from our customers

A few months ago my daughter and I came into your shop when we were visiting the Millcroft Inn and I bought two pairs of shoes, and signed up for the mailing list. Later, horrified with myself for paying what I paid for 2 pairs of shoes, I asked you to take me off your mailing list (too tempting).
But I have to tell you that hardly a day goes by when I do not wear the footwear from Shoe Kat Shoo. Both are comfortable, and very importantly, wide enough in the toe box. Now, I have bought many shoes that claim to be wide but during the day, as my feet spread, they always ended up hurting. But not your shoes! The shoes have been worth every penny I paid. So I wanted to give you this positive feedback and to ask to be put back on your mailing list."


I wanted to just let you know that the other day I was wearing my fabulous green suede boots I got from you last year. I was at the gym at lunch and was just putting them on when another woman in the dressing room stopped in her tracks and commented on how much she loved them! Of course I responded by smiling and just saying ShoeKatShoo, on Broadway. We then proceeded to have a nice little conversation about your lovely shop and it ended with her saying she was going to have to drop in and see what you had this spring. (I told her about my cute little yellow flats too ). Just thought you'd like to know that your wares on people's feet are the best advertising that you've got! PS – still love these boots with a passion! (wearing them again today)."


I found out quickly by the zillion compliments, I have great taste in footwear!"

Lynda, via Facebook

Have you ever heard of a retailer that is never pushy, knows your name and will come in on a Sunday just for you? Now you have. It's worth the drive to Orangeville to shop at Shoe Kat Shoo."


I bought a pair of boots in December. Pricey, yes, but the quality/craftmanship is worth every dollar and then some. Kathie did not have to sell me on these boots (just gorgeous) and she sure knows her stuff! They were a bit snug and she said don't worry they will mold to your feet. They did.

Last weekend I visited an old friend in Toronto (she has always been a fashionista extraordinaire and has her own clothing store).
Her eyes went immediately to my boots. She absolutely adored them!

I have had numerous other compliments from stylists and art directors alike. My Fiance says he loves when I wear them.

Its so nice to find a boutique like Shoe Kat Shoo that offers unique and high quality shoes, boots and accessories that no one else has.

Kathie, you are a gem!"


(NOTE from the Shoe Kat: with better quality leather sometimes the "snug" is just a matter of waiting for the leather to relax but not always so - I'll help you.)

Simply Amazing!"


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On Shopping Local, Published December 2013 in In Our Space Magazine

As the Holiday Season draws near we turn our attention to our plans for those we love; what treats we have in store for them, what we'll feed them and of course, what we'll "gift" them. Its particularly at this time of year that Small Independent Businesses shine. We often know you by name, remember your tastes, what you love, what suits you, and we listen when you tell us what you are looking for. Our desire and ability to seek out wonderfully unique merchandise which won't be found everywhere else is one of our strongest attributes and we've been busy stocking our shelves with you, our valued customers, specifically in mind.

Instead of driving to a mall and following herds of people picking over the same merchandise in store after impersonal store, small town holiday shopping feels like "the good old days" as you make your way down main street from one interesting shop to the next with the hometown atmosphere and welcoming merchants creating a festive mood. Many neighbouring retailers band together to plan seasonal events: promotions, specials, fundraising for local charities and other enticing activities including customer appreciation days to thank you for your business both now and throughout the year.

If you haven't visited the downtown stores of your hometown recently, you really should. The mix of little shops create a neighbourhood which is completely unique and worth exploring. Some of the best shopping to be had is in owner-operated boutiques. Concentrating on little known suppliers, each owner has their own distinct tastes and often purposely avoid mainstream merchandise in order to stand out in the crowd. Finding little precious gems in these small shops will be what makes your gift giving special and memorable to those you are buying for. From luxury one-of-a-kind items to quirky, clever little gifts, independent shopkeepers cover the gamut. Small town merchants are proud of our towns, work hard to earn your business and really appreciate your support. We enjoy getting to know you and assisting you in finding that "perfect something" regardless of season. We wish you all successful shopping, and Happy Holdiays and look forward to seeing you in the neighbourhood soon.

Contact the Shoe Kat by email or phone 519-942-1176. Better yet, drop by the store. It's always fun to play!